Bassett stays poised despite all the noise, credits family

Bassett stays poised despite all the noise, credits family

Bo Bassett is no stranger to success.

The Bishop McCort freshman has been making waves well before he ever stepped foot on a high school wrestling mat. 8 Pennsylvania junior wrestling state golds will do that… Comparisons to the great Spencer Lee and talks of where the youngster would eventually go to college dominated message boards. But the truth is- Bassett is dead set on blazing his own trail. He is not out to compete with anyone but himself. Bo sets his own goals and Bo smashes them. It is this mentality that has allowed the Johnstown, PA native to appear wise & mature beyond his years.

That, and a stellar support system. 

After capturing a U16 Cadet world freestyle championship in 2021 at the age of 14, many started to see just how real the hype was. It was that direct support system- Bill (father), Karissa (mother) & Keegan (brother and a stud in his own right)- who surrounded him after that incredible achievement. Hugs, tears and pride oozed through the screen as Americans and the world watched them celebrate. The Bassetts may have been 4,500 miles away in Budapest, Hungary- but their bond was as close as ever.

Bo credits his family for keeping him grounded during the ups and (few) downs of his young career. Not just his parents and brother, but the extended family built among close-knit teammates at Bishop McCort High School. It takes an army- and Bassett sure has one. But, even the best face adversity and this phenom is no exception. Shortly after his World Gold medal, Bo surged into the 2021 Super32 finals, although still in 8th grade- he was competing in the high school division. Bassett was on a collision course with #1 ranked Anthony Knox. For those not familiar, Knox is the real deal and a confident competitor out of neighboring New Jersey. The hype surrounding this match illuminated the wrestling world. In the end, the 106 lb finals match didn’t go Bo’s way, a 10-4 setback. Knox was especially impressive from the top position. He, just like Bassett, is a natural go-getter.

Let’s fast forward to October of 2022- the now rivals would meet again in the 113 lb Super 32 finals with a coliseum of fans watching and waiting for the rematch. But wait, what did we fast forward through? Since the day Bassett lost to Knox- he had one thing on his mind; it wasn’t getting revenge, but getting better. That “back to work” mentality and those 5AM workouts wouldn’t go to waste. It was clear a bigger, faster & stronger Bassett was ready to roll. And roll he did… Bassett would flip the script and handle Knox from that same top position, defeating his foe 10-5. The excitement was clear, but for Bo- this was just a means to continue growing in the sport he loves. Win or lose; there is always more work to be done. Mindset of a champion.

So what did we learn? Better yet, what did Bo teach us? Sometimes the losses light a bigger fire than the wins. Sometimes the real hype is the one we invoke within ourselves. And sometimes, we don’t get there alone.

What is next for Bo Bassett?

Whatever he writes down on his sheet of goals.


  Pat Mineo  


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